Set the Atmosphere for the New Year

Published on December 6, 2007 in Aromatherapy


AromatherapyAromatherapy and Feng Shui Tips

The beginning of a new year is a great time to remove the clutter and set intentions. There are many items that are used as Feng Shui ‘cures’, things to help you achieve your Feng Shui goals. Some of the most powerful items are those using aromas to activate and motivate changes. You can smell, see, and feel them work. Essential Oils are excellent aromatherapy items and work well as Feng Shui tools.

Once you have cleared the clutter you can clear out any and all negative energy in your environment and keep it away with by diffusing lemon oil. Adding ritual when you set your intention adds power.

There are a variety of oils specially formulated to help you work on your specific Feng Shui goals. Once you have cleared out the negative, bring in the positive. Try the following blends: Magnify Your Purpose, Motivation, Transformation, Inspiration, Hope, Live with Passion, Chivalry, En-R-Gee, Harmony, Joy and Peace and Calming – so choose your focus your attention and get a diffuser and set the atmosphere on a daily basis in your home by using these fragrances.

Abundance oil was created to help you focus on your specific Feng Shui or life goals. Diffuse Abundance in your home and you will not only have a wonderful smell, you will be actively changing your Feng Shui energy and therefore improving your life instantly. Breathe in the aroma as it revives the Feng Shui energy in your home as well as in your body and mind. Smell the wonderful scent and quickly notice the improving Feng Shui energy in your home and your life. Another feng shui idea is to put Abundance oil in fresh paint and then paint with the appropriate color of the Bagua.

Attract wealth to you and your family by setting intention and goals and then diffusing Abundance oil. It was created with the intention of increasing money. Remember to use and wear a lot of green, a color often associated with money and wealth. So have some fun when you set your new years resolutions and add some ceremony and use oils to reaffirm your intentions. Enjoy!

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