The Four Simple Steps to Staying Young

Published on February 26, 2007 in General


If you want to look younger and you don’t feel like popping a bunch of pills, then read on. Here’s the best advice for looking younger than you’ve ever imagined from Linda at Say-No-To-Aging:

Step 1: Get Enough Sleep
This is so important! Please don’t laugh this off. Nothing brings on more wrinkles and that beaten down look than prolonged lack of sleep. The research is currently in conflict over exactly how much sleep is good. For years we’ve believed that 8 hours is necessary to maintain good health. However, a recent study suggested that 8 hours could be too much and potentially cause damage. I would suggest at least 7, but not more than 8 hours of sleep.That’s right! Read that again. Get enough, but don’t get too much sleep. Too much is also damaging.

Step 2: Restrict Caloric Intake
This is a no-brainer to me. Apparantly it’s still a bit of controversy. Listen… the more calories your body has to process the more it works. The more works the faster it ages. This has been proven in study after study. Now… I’m not talking about eating celery and grass for the rest of your life. Just be moderate. Set goals for yourself. First decide how many calories you want to limit yourself to. Not too many and not too few. About 2000 calories should be enough. I take in about 1500 calories a day. Then work on making larger and larger portions of what you eat more nutrient-rich with fewer calories, while never going over 2000 a day. If you did really well on a certain day and are only at 1500, reward yourself with a sunday or some dark chocolate. Remember never to go over the daily limit of calories, while at the same time eating more and more nutrient-dense foods. You can do this!

Step 3: Increase Intake of Antioxidents
Antioxidents detoxify our body of the poisonous agents that, among doing other things, make our cells age faster. Of course, because you are going to try to eat better, you’ll have less toxins in your body. However, I don’t think you can overdose on antioxidents. Get your AOs from blueberries, pomegranites, cherries and green tea. There’s a bunch of other AO-rich foods, but these are among the best.

Step 4: Exercise
Come on people! This isn’t rocket science. Our human bodies evolved to what they are today when our ancestors (however far back you believe they go) were constantly running around chasing food or growing it in a field. Or, walking miles a day for water, etc. Read my lips: we are not meant to live sedentary lifestyles. It’s as simple as that. Throw all the excuses away and just get more exercise. Walk more and take the stairs.That’s it folks. Spend all your money on creams and other crazy things if you must. I’m sure the better products out there have some value. However, you are going to get the biggest bang for you anti-aging buck if you carry out the above four steps.Salud!Learn more at

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