Holistic Self-Healing With Reiki

Published on February 2, 2011 by SuzanneOB in Bodywork, Reiki

Looking for a more natural, holistic way of healing? Want to take control over your own well-being in a more natural way? Did you know that Reiki is just one such way and easy  to learn?

Many people are turning to more natural and holistic ways of dealing with illness and pain. With conventional ways of treatment being not only expensive, but also often having many side effects, alternative treatments are becoming more attractive to patients. People are finding they can take control over their own well-being by using more natural and holistic ways of self healing.

One such alternative or complementary treatment is Reiki. It has gained quite a bit of popularity over the past few decades. It is being offered in most hospitals and hospices nowadays.

If you are like a lot of people, you have heard of Reiki, but do not know exactly what it is. Besides this, many people are unaware of how Reiki can help them and their overall well-being.

Well Reiki is a Japanese form of self-healing and self-development. It is often called energy healing, Spiritual healing or laying on of hands. It is ancient, but said to have been re-discovered in the early 1900’s by a man by the name of Mikao Usui while on a 21-day spiritual retreat in Japan. In Japan, it was originally referred to as, the Reiki cure.

Here in the Westernized World it is commonly referred to as a way of relaxing and de-stressing, therefore allowing one’s own immune system to more optimally do its job.

So just what can one expect from Reiki? Well these are just some of the things it is known for;

  • helping to reduce pain
  • helping to reduce stress
  • boosting and strengthening the immune system
  • increasing energy
  • correcting of insomnia, allowing for sleep
  • increasing your intuition
  • increasing confidence
  • causing deep relaxation and peace
  • helps with letting go of fears
  • helps with releasing unwanted habits
  • aids in the process of detox, reducing side-effects
  • promoting a more positive outlook
  • Reiki is complementary to all other forms of healing, so you can combine it with conventional treatments
  • Reiki has been shown to reduce or even eliminate the side effects of pharmaceuticals
  • in some miraculous healings have even been reported from all types of disease

Reiki is a very easy to learn technique that anyone can learn. One can opt for learning to do it for themselves or by utilizing the services of a Reiki Master. There are three levels of Reiki, Master level being the highest. At this level sending the healing energy over great distances or even to healing past traumas is possible.

With Reiki, you are allowing the flow of Divine energy to work with and through you. Reiki can only help and aid in the healing process. While practicing Reiki there is an ideal to always be kept in mind,-wish harm to none.

All in all this type of energy healing dates as far back as ancient Egypt. It’s funny how people think of it as “new age” when the reality is that “conventional” or “Westernized” medicine is the real “new age”.

So if you are seeking a natural, holistic form of healing, Reiki is a tool that can easily be added to any healing protocol. Reiki is complementary to all other forms of more conventional healing.

For more info on Reiki self healing and to find out how you can easily learn this empowering technique just click here to Learn Reiki. Suzanne OBrien is a Reiki Master, certified Medical Intuitive, certified Reconnective Healer tm,Distant Energy Healer trained in many various healing techniques. She continues to learn all she can about natural and energy healing techniques while teaching and offering services to both pets and people.

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