Essential Oils For Home And Health

Published on January 10, 2011 by Jessica Carlson in Aromatherapy

There are many plant products used to extract essential oils. Leaves, stems, flowers, barks, and roots are used to distill the oils by water or steam. How essential oils are used everyday can be seen from the variety of ways they promote mental and physical health.

There are many plant products used to extract essential oils. Leaves, stems, flowers, barks, and roots are used to distill the oils by water or steam. How essential oils are used everyday can be seen from the variety of ways they promote mental and physical health.

Easy inhalation allows the infusion to enter your lungs and then pass on to your bloodstream. This process is accomplished by putting two to three drops of the oil onto a tissue and then carefully breathing the vapor in through your nose.

If you need more power than the easy inhalation method, add three to seven drops to freshly boiled water and carefully breathe in. This will activate more chemicals and increase your absorption of them. The oils may also be used to cleanse a room inside your house. Boil some water and add no more than seven drops. As the water cools, the essence of the oils will vaporize and slowly permeate the room. This will slowly, and not too strongly, spread to the other rooms of your house.

It is possible to use them to cleanse your entire house. Achieve this by wetting a tissue with a few drops, balling it up, and leaving it in drawers and cabinets. Also, you can add drops to your trash can, vacuum cleaner, laundry basket, and drain.

They can also be used to prevent pests and bugs from entering your house. Apply some drops to balled up tissues and distribute them throughout your living space. Pay particular attention to spaces where these nuisances typically enter and travel, outside doors, corners, window sills, and along the walls in particular. If you see bugs anywhere, it is a safe bet to place tissues there.

Another key area for the use of these essences is in massages. Simply combine about 20 drops in 1 ounce of a carrier, combine thoroughly, and then apply or have them applied through massage.

They can also be used to add a pleasing beneficial fragrance to your bath water. By stirring 5 to 7 drops into 1 ounce of a carrier oil, and then pouring this compound into your bath water as you fill the tub, it is possible to magnify the relaxing powers of a bath and increase its therapeutic properties. You will derive a slew of perks from bathing in a mixture of nature plant essences.

Essential oils are frequently mixed with a carrier oil. Most commonly these carriers are sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, and grape-seed oil. After diluting the essential oil in the carrier it can then be applied to the skin in a topical treatment because when they are applied to the skin they can have an antibiotic or antiseptic effect. They have been shown to prevent infection and maintain or help tissue regeneration when applied to scrapes or cuts.

These oil offer a wondrous host of benefits to anyone who chooses to use them. Just remember that many of these oils have not been widely studied or tested, so never ingest or drink these oils without first consulting a doctor. As with all natural products they provide unique results that can be tailored to your specific needs.

The author has made available much information about aromatherapy, such as using ginger oil and other therapeutic essential oils.

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Set the Atmosphere for the New Year

Published on December 6, 2007 by mcamblin in Aromatherapy


AromatherapyAromatherapy and Feng Shui Tips

The beginning of a new year is a great time to remove the clutter and set intentions. There are many items that are used as Feng Shui ‘cures’, things to help you achieve your Feng Shui goals. Some of the most powerful items are those using aromas to activate and motivate changes. You can smell, see, and feel them work. Essential Oils are excellent aromatherapy items and work well as Feng Shui tools.

Once you have cleared the clutter you can clear out any and all negative energy in your environment and keep it away with by diffusing lemon oil. Adding ritual when you set your intention adds power.

There are a variety of oils specially formulated to help you work on your specific Feng Shui goals. Once you have cleared out the negative, bring in the positive. Try the following blends: Magnify Your Purpose, Motivation, Transformation, Inspiration, Hope, Live with Passion, Chivalry, En-R-Gee, Harmony, Joy and Peace and Calming – so choose your focus your attention and get a diffuser and set the atmosphere on a daily basis in your home by using these fragrances.

Abundance oil was created to help you focus on your specific Feng Shui or life goals. Diffuse Abundance in your home and you will not only have a wonderful smell, you will be actively changing your Feng Shui energy and therefore improving your life instantly. Breathe in the aroma as it revives the Feng Shui energy in your home as well as in your body and mind. Smell the wonderful scent and quickly notice the improving Feng Shui energy in your home and your life. Another feng shui idea is to put Abundance oil in fresh paint and then paint with the appropriate color of the Bagua.

Attract wealth to you and your family by setting intention and goals and then diffusing Abundance oil. It was created with the intention of increasing money. Remember to use and wear a lot of green, a color often associated with money and wealth. So have some fun when you set your new years resolutions and add some ceremony and use oils to reaffirm your intentions. Enjoy!

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Combat Cellulite With Aromatherapy

Published on May 19, 2007 by TheHealthyVillage in Aromatherapy


As you may know, Aromatherapy is the use of volatile liquid parts of plants, which are called essential oils, for various natural treatments. It is a holistic alternative therapy that has been used since antiquity from all major civilizations and its popularity has been increasing recently.

Cellulite is the dimpling skin found especially on thighs and sometimes on tummy, back of arms and bottom which looks lumpy and ripply. While it is harmless, cellulite discomforts female population especially in summer time. Almost every woman (even the slimmest ones) has cellulite to some degree. It is believed that cellulite is not only fat, but accumulation of fat, fluids and toxins which are trapped in the skin, owing to weakening of the connective tissue.

Keep in mind that there are many things to do to reduce cellulite, but nothing can eliminate one hundred percent the “orange peel” surface of female skin at affected areas. Just to name few, increasing body exercise, decreasing fat income and sugar, drinking many cups of water, avoiding coffee and eating fruits rich in C vitamin, are suggested for combating cellulite. In this article we will present you some aromatherapy tips that can help you remove cellulite.

Essential oils can assist with anti-cellulite treatment in two major ways: Reducing body toxins, waste matter and imprisoned liquids and enhancing blood circulation. The essential oils that are used most for cellulite therapy are Juniper, Citrus, Rosemary, Lemon, Lemongrass, Grapefruit and Geranium oil. Bath and especially massage are the most effective Aromatherapy uses for a successful cellulite cure.

Add 5-10 drops of your favourite essential oil in your bath water and stay in it for at least fifteen minutes, once a week. This time allows essential oil to penetrate your skin and its diuretic and circulation boosting action to be more effective.

Aromatherapy massage is probably the most useful alternative method for treating cellulite because it is applied directly to the affected part of skin and encourage body detoxication and blood circulation. Carrier (or base) oils from various vegetables are used for essential oil dilution. Appropriate carrier oils for massage are among others, Avocado, Jojoba and Almond. Remember to follow carefully the safety rules for essential oils uses. Otherwise, you will run the risk to irritate and harm your skin.

Aromatherapy is not only a delightful and refreshing activity. It is beneficial for a lot of health conditions including skin diseases like cellulite. Using the right essential oils in bath and massage you can regenerate skin cells and reduce the toxins and fat that turn into cellulite.

George Kakaris is a freelance writer living in an island of Greece. He is very interested in natural health and alternative active life style and owner of an information site about Aromatherapy and Essential Oils, where you can read about essential oils and hydrosols among others.

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