Virgin Coconut Oil: Natural Vitamin E Helps Skin

Published on January 15, 2011 in Skin Care, Vitamins & Supplements


Virgin coconut oil is full of components that are great for skin. The oil is a great choice for skin care regimens because you get so many benefits from a single product. The combination of rich elements contained in coconut oil shield, protect, and revitalize skin.

One of the most well-known ingredients in virgin coconut oil is vitamin E. Some people use vitamin E in large doses directly on their skin. While this may be beneficial for some people’s skin care–as everyone’s skin is different–it is not the most ideal way to expose skin to vitamin E for most people. For most skin types it is best to use this vitamin in smaller doses that will not clog the pores or cause breakouts.

How Does Vitamin E Help Skin?

The vitamin is fat-soluble and contains many compounds that are well-known for providing great skin care benefits. One of its primary compounds is d-alpha-tocopherol–an ingredient with strong antioxidant abilities. The antioxidant capabilities of vitamin E, as well as other antioxidants found in coconut oil, are incredibly important when it comes to skin care. Antioxidants work to protect skin from the damaging effects of oxidation. They also protect the skin from the tissue damage that free-radicals cause.

Coconut oil is often used to help reduce the appearance of scars, including stretch marks, acne scars, and more. The compound in virgin coconut oil that is said to have the most impact on healing scars is vitamin E. The vitamin is often used directly to remedy and reduce scars and skin irritations like eczema and psoriasis. Coconut oil is also well-known for its moisturizing properties and vitamin E plays a large part in this. The vitamin works to help preserve the skin’s natural level of hydration by maintaining its oil balance.

Vitamin E is also used as a sun burn treatment and is known for enhancing the skin’s barrier function. In addition to this, it is also often used as a dietary supplement and has many positive benefits for the body.

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