Virgin Coconut Oil For Skin Care?

Published on December 22, 2010 in Skin Care


All natural products have become incredibly popular. This is especially true in the skin care industry. Many people do not wish to expose their skin to inorganic products so the demand for all natural skin care products has increased tremendously. Some of the best organic skin care products are composed of virgin coconut oil. This is because virgin oil yields great results for all types of skin.

The benefits of coconut oil include everything from slowing down the aging process to soothing severely dry skin. Virgin coconut oil is full of essential components that enhance the health of skin. Just a few of these components are listed below.

Vitamin E – This well-known antioxidant is used in all kinds of skin care products but is naturally found in virgin coconut oil. It helps to reduce shine in skin by controlling the amount of sebum it produces. It also greatly reduces the appearance of scars. This includes scars caused by acne.

Antiseptic Fatty Acids – One of the most commonly known acids that virgin coconut oil contains is Lauric acid. Lauric acid actually fights off certain acne-causing bacteria which means that virgin coconut oil can help prevent acne in certain types of skin. However, for acne prone skin it is best to consult a doctor about which products to use. The antiseptic fatty acids in virgin coconut oil also fight off other bacteria and fungi that are bad for skin. The oil can therefore prevent skin infections like athlete’s foot, warts, and more.

Antioxidants – Outside of vitamin E, virgin coconut oil is full of other rich antioxidants that help slow down the aging process. By fighting off free radicals the skin maintains its elasticity for a much longer period of time. Using virgin coconut oil regularly can slow down wrinkle and age spot development.

With all of these great benefits why not go all natural? You can have great looking skin without having to use inorganic products.