Vision Boards Will Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Published on March 21, 2007 in Self Improvement


Do you want to develop super focus and clarity in your life?

If so, the creation of a simple dream board or vision board may be the very answer that will help to place you in the league of the super achiever.

So what exactly is a vision board?

Also known as ‘dream boards’, they are a simple and visual representation of your goals, aims and objectives in life. Usually they are no more than and eclectic mixture of pictures and images which accurately portray something which you wish to own, become or achieve in the near future.

Most vision boards would be a collection of images cut out from old magazines, with a few additional photographs all pasted onto a board which is then hung in a place of prominence so you will be reminded of your goals every time that you pass.

However, what is of most importance is what they mean to their creator and the intention behind creating them.

For some people their vision board becomes the big picture of their life, and a route map to their success. As our mind moves us towards the achievement of what we think about most a vision board makes perfect sense. We are in fact creating a giant aide-memoire that is a constantly reminder of the route we have set for ourselves in life.
At subliminal level the act of creating a dream board becomes a powerful intention and driving force to take positive action and start achieving and moving us towards our objective.

Dream boards can specifically focus on just one goal, or a mixture of all of your goals, the choice is yours. If you are a visual person, then time spent in developing a creative and exciting vision board will be a strong motivator for you to take action on a regular basis.

A tried, tested and proven principle…

The marketing and advertising industry have been using the dream board principle successfully for many years. They well know that a good picture or image can often do more to fire the desire of potential prospects, than a thousand well written words. So why shouldn’t it work well for you also.

You can get started on your vision board today by collecting suitable photographs and images as and when you see them. As your collection grows you can start to organise them into more specific goals and objectives.

One person that I know created his vision board digitally in a graphics program on his computer. He then sent his high definition file to a local digital printer to reproduce as a large poster size images. Surprisingly he managed to get 5 high quality prints for under£20! He then hung his vision boards around his home and place of work.

He also turned that same vision board into a screen saver for his computer which means he was constantly exposed to it and what he wanted to achieve.

Remember to hang your vision board in prominent position where you will see it regularly.

There are many amazing stories about the success of vision boards and how they help you achieve your goals. The one I like most is about the person who discovered that he was living in the exact house from one of his early vision boards. The reason he didn’t immediately recognise this fact was that he made a number of house moves as his career escalated and had left his vision boards safely packed and in storage.

Only after he had moved into his recently acquired mansion and still unpacking, his son queried the contents of the unpacked storage box in his study did he make this remarkable discovery.

Put your life into top gear by developing a vision board today

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One Response to “Vision Boards Will Help You Achieve Your Dreams”

  1. Ralph says:

    Indeed vision boards will help you achieve your dreams, whatever they are. Vision boards when done correctly are so powerful. I’m always creating vision boards of the things I want to show up in my life and I’ve never been disappointed. Start small and as your confidence grows make your vision bigger. Great post.