Think Positive Thoughts, Lead a Happy Life

Published on February 12, 2007 in General, Self Improvement


Every single thing in life operates from the law of attraction: love, wealth, success, happiness, you name it. This is why inspiring motivational speakers are so moving; they are intimately familiar with the law of attraction, and they therefore stress mental transformation techniques to help us make all our wildest dreams come true.

Just Like a Magnet

Just like corresponding poles on different magnets, like attracts like. Smart people attract other smart people. Wise people attract other wise people. Virtuous people attract other virtuous people. In other words, in alignment with the law of attraction, similar people gravitate toward one another. The same holds true for general circumstances; you’ve heard the old saying, “misery loves company!”

This is why we should pay particular attention to our thoughts and emotions. Most human beings focus on the negative; this is part of the human condition. Most people complain about every little thing that goes wrong during the course of a given day, but they fail to realize that literally hundreds more things go right than go wrong! But the law of attraction is non-judgmental. It doesn’t care whether you’re thinking positive thoughts or negative thoughts. The law of attraction simply follows your train of thinking to manifest circumstances in alignment with your thoughts and emotions.

But if we keep our thoughts in check, and better yet, focus them on the positive, then we are harnessing the power of the law of attraction for our ultimate benefit. Human thoughts and emotions emit their own special kind of psychic energy; negative thoughts yield negative outcomes, and positive thoughts yield positive outcomes. The law of attraction depends solely on the power of your thoughts and emotions! Focus your thoughts to help improve your life. What are your goals? Cultivating more wisdom? Discovering more truth? Finding true love? Being the successful person you know you can be?

To make the law of attraction work for you, throw out your negative thoughts and focus your mind on thinking positive thoughts. Resist the temptation to complain about every little trivial thing that goes wrong. That’s just life. Visualize your ideal life. Think like other highly successful people: set goals and dream big! If you’re optimistic, you’ll be surrounded by optimistic people. If you’re motivated, you’ll be surrounded by motivated people. If you think you’re attractive, other people will find you attractive. Use the law of attraction to turn your dreams into reality!


David Hooper is founder of the Guide for Living Institute, a think tank designed to help people enjoy life. His new book on Law of Attraction is available at or can be downloaded free of charge at