The Quest For Better Vision: LASIK Surgery

Published on February 14, 2007 in Eye Care, General


Have you always hoped for better vision but was afraid to go through surgery to accomplish this.
Well here is some helpful information to go by.

There are many people in the world with vision problems. Nowadays with technology coming along as far has it has you have many choices to consider. The old method was to go with glasses or contacts now you have a third option and that is LASIK surgery. As with any procedure, there are positives and negatives that must be considered before having it done.
Now ask yourself this question do you really need to have LASIK done? You may want to consider natural vision therapy first before etching your current prescription into your cornea.
Now the odds aren’t great that the vision therapy will solve your vision problems enough that you can get rid of your glasses or contacts but in some cases it has worked.

That is why we have LASIK today; everyone is different in their expectations. If you are a person who wants immediate results and does not mind a permanent etching prescription in your cornea then you would be perfect with LASIK. You should read up and learn more about LASIK before opting for this expensive procedure, to make sure this is the right thing to do for you.

Now if you have already made up your mind that LASIK is for you then you may want to follow these pointers.

You want to make sure your Doctor uses the Interlace laser instead of the old method of using the Microkeratome to cut the initial corneal flap. The Interlace laser is 100 times more precise then Microkeratone.

When it comes to the reshaping of the cornea be sure that your Doctor uses the custom wavefront laser. The wavefront can get rid of the higher order aberrations.
This mans that you will get sharper vision after the surgery and lowers your chances of having halos, starburst or other complications that you would sometimes get from LASIK
You should consider a Doctor who invests in these technologies because the chances are he or she has your best interest in heart.

Next, you should keep aware of the problems that LASIK surgery can cause but in most of these cases it came from Doctors not using the Interlace and Custom wavefront technology together.
One of the problems with LASIK has been the LASIK 20/20 phenomenon. While some people do see 20/20 after the procedure is done it usually the vision is hazy or blurred. The reason being is because of the higher order aberrations and yet another reason to get Custom Laser done.


Ulises Tarmet is a retired ophthalmologist who has 36 years of experience working for in the San Francisco LASIK community helping people to improve their vision.