Take Charge Of Your Diabetes

Published on October 12, 2009 in General


You must understand that its up to you to take charge and keep your diabetes under control Monitoring your blood glucose is so important it allows you make decisions about and manage Your diabetes how about this, you wouldn’t want to guess which road to take on a car trip would You? then why guess about how much insulin you should take or how much food you should eat when you keep check of Your blood glucose it can act as your road map in telling you which turns you Should take.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that if your blood glucose levels should get to hign or too Low during the course of the day you could develop some serous problems. Some of these problems Can be risky in the short term and could result in a life-threatening crisis. Here is an example if your Blood glucose levels drop too low and you don’t treat it you could become unconscious.

High blood sugar may not cause an immediate emergency but may lead to serious and severe Complication over time. Often people with a history of chronic high blood glucose levels can develop Debilitating eye disease, kidney disease, circulation problems and nerve disease.

We would have to say that the best way to lead a healthy life is to take charge of your diabetes. You do this by, number one managing your glucose levels with food, exercise,and Medication and if you mind me saying this the single most important thing you can do for yourself is to keep track of the amount of Glucose in your blood on a regular basis.

Instead of saying “I feel great or I feel Bad” take measurements Daily and Keep records.These records will tell you how well your diabetes plan is Working. Remember monitoring is the only way to know how your body is responding to food, insulin, and stress. Understand that without knowing this,you can not make changes in your diabetes care plan.

Take Charge of your diabetes, with trial and error and just a little patience you can Reach Your Goal

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