Simple Solutions For Healthy Eyes

Published on July 3, 2013 in Eye Care, General


Your eyesight is a precious gift and something that can easily be taken for granted. It is only when your eyesight begins to fail or you have problems with it that you realize what you have and what you have lost.

Although all of us will experience deterioration in our vision as we age, there are certain things we can do to prevent losing or damaging our vision.

Stop Smoking For Your Sight’s Sake

Smoking is not only bad for your heart, your lungs, your circulation (and your finances) but it is also very bad for your vision. Studies have shown that people who smoke have seven times more risk of vision loss. So stop smoking (there’s plenty of help available today with hypnotherapy, nicotine patches, counseling) and you’ll be doing your eyes a big favor.

Eat Healthily For Your Eyes

Take a good look at your diet and consider what you are eating. Try to have a diet that is rich in vitamin A, zinc and minerals. This type of diet has been shown to delay age related macular degeneration and will improve your general health too.

Eye trauma through accident is far more common than it needs to be. Don’t think it won’t happen to me’. Ensure that you wear the necessary eye protection whenever you are participating in activities and sports that could damage your eyes. If you are carrying out DIY, wear protective goggles. If you are road biking, skiing, playing squash wear the recommended eye protection for that particular activity and look after yourself.

Long-term exposure to ultra violet rays without eye protection can cause cataracts and eye damage so make sure that you wear UV protective lenses when you are out in bright sunlight and your eyes will thank you for it.

If you are a diabetic, on strong medication or have problems with blood pressure, make sure that you go for regular check-ups with your optician or ophthalmologist so that you can be confident.

Rest Your Eyes

Give your eyes a break! If you use a computer, take a rest every 10 minutes or so and look away from the screen, stretch, stand up and blink a few times.  Give your eyes a treat sometimes by putting slices of cucumber on them and lying down for a break. They’ll thank you for it and look more sparkly and vibrant.

Only use eye drops that have been recommended by your optician or pharmacist and remember not to use any that have been open for a long time or are past their sell by date as this could create problems.