Need A Hair Cut, but Don’t Know What Your Style Is?

Published on February 13, 2007 in General, Hair Care


Face it, everyone hates going to their hairdressers because they know that the dreaded question is coming. ‘So, how do you want your hair this time?’ My thoughts on this are, we go to the hair dressers to have them do our hair, shouldn’t they know what will look best on us. Well, no matter what size or shape your face is, hopefully this will help give you a better idea about what you want the next time your hairdresser asks you.

If you have a round face, you want to make sure to get a cut that makes your face look slimmer. It is best to keep a style that falls just below your chin and one that will add a little bit of dimension on the top of your head. If you are one that likes the look of bangs (something that is hot for this year) then make sure to keep them on the long side or swept to the side in a wispy fashion. This will help to play down the roundness of your face. You definitely want to avoid haircuts tat emphasize the roundness of your face. This means do not get that all one length haircut and avoid blunt cuts.

If your face is square in shape, you will want to make sure to soften your face. You do not want a hairstyle that will accentuate your strong angular jawline. So it is best to avoid that bob style and blunt bangs or this will cause your face to look squarer. What you do want to do is for texture by getting curls (or accentuating the ones that you already have) or make the ends choppy. If you prefer something with even more flair, consider a short, spiky look or even a long layered look that starts down at the jaw and continues to pull your eyes down.

If you are cursed with the long face, there are many options for you depending upon whether you like short or long hair or if your hair is straight or curly. If you are blessed with beautiful curls, you want to avoid short layers because this will only add more height on the top of your head accentuating the length of your face. But, consider a chin length bob to widen the look of your face. You can do this also by wearing bangs either shorter or for the super hot look of the season in very long side swept modern fashion. You definitely want to avoid styles that are extremely long and very, very short. This will make your face look twice as long. Always wear layers of you can, especially around your face as this will make you look beautiful.

If you have the oval face style, feel very lucky. This is the most versatile shape. You can wear your hair long, short, curly, or straight. It does not matter what style you get your hair done in because it will always look good. If you want to accentuate your cheekbones, make sure that the layers start there. The same goes for the lips or the chin. Wherever you want to accentuate, start your layers there. To avoid making your face look long, you want to avoid short layers which add volume to the top. You might also want to avoid a blunt haircut if your have curly thick hair and this will make you look like you have helmet head.

The final face style is the heart shape. This shape tends to dray more attention to your chin rather than to your face. This can be rectified by helping to draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Side swept bangs, long bangs, or hair that falls below the jawline will help to draw that attention upwards if you have long hair. If you like you hair shorter, consider keeping soft long layers to draw that attention to your eyes. You definitely want to avoid haircuts where your bangs are cut bluntly or you get a cut that has choppy layers.

So now that you know what to avoid and what looks best, hopefully the next time you go to the hairstylists, you can answer that age old question “So, how do you want your hair done today?” and feel happy about the style that you walk out with.

Sovanne Veata is a hair specialist and is also a writer for the Premiere Chicago Day Spa with experience in total Body Pampering to teach people to Enjoy Life.