Benefits of Wheelchair Maintenance

Published on September 15, 2007 in General


Maintenance of personal mobility products is beneficial, but wheelchairs are particularly important to maintain and keep in proper working condition, especially if the wheelchair is a vital component for mobility in your life. Proper care and long term maintenance of a wheelchair will help keep it working safely for years, and reduce the risk of injury or the need to replace the chair earlier than needed. The cost of replacing wheelchair parts or accessories can also be reduced, thus saving you money.

Wheelchairs can be expensive, so it’s important to care for and protect your investment. You will most likely be the first to notice any problems with your wheelchair, so make sure you know who to call in case parts need fixing or replacing. Automatic wheelchairs may need professional care, where as manual wheelchairs are often times easier to maintain with common household tools.

Develop a regular preventative maintenance routine, which includes cleaning, inspecting, and adjusting the critical components of the wheelchair. Wipe down the chair with a clean rag regularly. You can even apply car wax to the frame to make cleaning easier. Also, check to make sure all the bolts and nuts are tight, at least once a month. If upper body mobility is limited, ask for help from a family member or caregiver. Also, check to make sure any automatic wheelchair brakes or anti rollback devices are functioning properly.

Always refer to the owner’s manual when performing maintenance on your own wheelchair. The manual has crucial information regarding warranties, how to take care of your specific wheelchair, which tools are necessary to maintain the chair, and sometimes offer options for wheelchair parts and accessories that are compatible with your chair.

Tools are a good investment that can save money over time too. A bag or container to hold essentials like an Allen wrench set, adjustable wrench, spoke wrench, screwdrivers, and tire repair kit can be very useful. They could also be very helpful in case of an emergency.

Also, performing maintenance on your own wheelchair can provide a sense of confidence and reliance on the safety and performance of your chair. Thorough inspections will help in many situations, but also make sure to have the wheelchair serviced by a professional as well. While many routine maintenance tasks can be safely performed at home, the wheelchair can also benefit from periodic check-ups at an authorized service center, as recommended in the owner’s manual.

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