Agression Is Not Needed

Published on February 14, 2007 in General


Healing, a simple succession of natural behaviors, is easily learned.

First, the healer makes energy contact with the earth / the natural environment, by attending to the sensations of his / her own first chakra—perineum or feet. When the healer is engaged with the earth, his / her body fills with nature’s energy.

Then, as the body fills with nature’s energy, the heart opens, allowing the remarkable event of healing to occur.

After my first several years of healings, it became obvious that the energy of the heart, which we call love, has intelligence. It organizes that which is disorganized—pathological tissue or unpleasant feelings.

Although words are not synonymous with energy, love is intelligent.

How, does the healer, or loving person deal with another’s aggression, destructiveness or self-harm?

By loving that person.
By opening their heart to that angry other.

It is not helpful to punish in order to teach or reform.
Punishment does terrible things to the punisher.

One merely loves the errant person, the wrong doer, the misinformed.
One must love with one’s best and most practiced ability and concentration.
In the presence of love, pathology alters,
and destructiveness gentles.

Love and order seem to be almost the same.

So, love is not a reward that one bestows on the well behaved. Love is the bearer of intelligence, of cure, of common sense, of “organic ethics.”

Love is the energy emitted by the heart.

All you need to do, should you want to use this birthright of yours, is to begin by paying attention to the physical sensations in the center of your chest. As you practice, paying close attention, the sensations become more perceptible, more apparent and easier to access. With continued practice loving becomes simple. The awareness of those sensations of you heart, will make you healthier and happier.

When faced by wrongdoing, one is called upon to love.

Warren Grossman has spent nineteen years immersing himself in the experience of nature’s energy. He now teaches others how to access this energy, along with the energy of the heart—love.