Summer Safety Tips for Parents

Published on September 25, 2007 in Family


Your children should be reminded about the limits of their traveling outside of the home, to ensure their safety. Is it advisable that your child plays where Children at Play signs indicate where there are children at play? If you cannot be with your child during the day, they must know which homes they can visit, and limits to the areas in the neighborhood they are permitted to play in. Next, warn your child to never talk to strangers or accept rides from adults besides their parents or other familiar adults. For very young children, set a curfew that does not expand past dusk. Also, regardless of your child’s age, ensure that he or she checks in frequently.

Next, when other adults are to supervise your children, you should also take precautions. Use several resources that exist, to conduct background checks for potential babysitters. Closely observe your child’s interaction with a babysitter, and particularly watch for any wary responses. Also, do meticulously research potential day-care centers. Review the center’s activities and personnel, and verify that you can visit and leave the day-care center at any time. A wise action to take involves visiting the center unannounced a couple of times, to assess your child’s wellbeing. Thirdly, if you send your child to camp, engage in a background check of the camp and the employees who will be working with your child. In particular, review field trips that your child will go on, and the adult-to-child ratio. It would be wise to request your child’s day-care center or camp to ensure that there are enough Children at Play signs visible where there are children at play.

On the other hand, if your child remains at home, he or she must also take safety precautions. Children at home who receive phone calls must never reveal to anyone that they are home alone. Furthermore, they should never open the house’s front door except for someone who they can trust completely. Also, ensure that children do not have access to objects such as firearms, which could harm them. Instruct your child about how to call emergency numbers, such as 911, for assistance. Inform them that they may also call the number from any public payphone.

Other summertime safety tips for parents with children include:

• Talk frequently to your child about safety issues, and listen carefully to what he or she tells you regarding them.

• Require your kid to memorize his or her name, address, phone number; and how to contact you or another adult who you trust, in the case of an emergency.

• All younger children should be prevented from being near water unless an adult is supervising the child.

Summertime can be a fantastic time for children, creating vivid memories that will last a lifetime. However, take particular precautions, such as having Children at Play signs posted where there are children at play in your neighborhood. This will ensure that your child’s summer will not merely be fun—but also safe!

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