Natural Remedies For Skin Eczema

Published on December 28, 2010 in Diseases & Conditions, Skin Care


If you happen to be unfortunate enough to suffer from eczema, then you are most likely already in search of eczema natural remedies which work. The best treatments are soothing to your irritated skin and just as importantly, safe to use. For this reason, natural remedies are a preferable option compared to the chemical-laden products often recommended for this condition.

After you have thoroughly cleaned your skin, it is important to keep it hydrated. A lotion will help keep your skin moist, but you must make sure it is one that will help your skin heal more quickly and protect you from future outbreaks.

Unfortunately, many of the skin lotions on the market are made with chemicals which are known allergens and can cause, rather than soothe eczema. Even those which do not necessarily trigger the condition can often exacerbate it.

Natural moisturizers are the best eczema natural remedies of all, especially those which contain blueberry leaf and licorice extracts. These ingredients help to soothe your skin and in the case of blueberry leaves, can protect your skin from bacteria and other disease-causing microbes.

This type of moisturizer can help to prevent infections from setting in and give your skin a little help in healing itself. It will also help to reduce the inflammation, redness and itching which accompanies this common skin condition.

Licorice extract is known to be a powerful natural anti-inflammatory which can provide quick relief from the swelling and redness of eczema as well as acting as a pain reliever. You’ll find that there is less pain, irritation and perhaps most importantly of all, less itching when you use a product which contains this ingredient.

While you can find skin lotions which contain blueberry leaf and licorice extracts, it is just as easy to prepare these eczema natural remedies at home. Simply add these ingredients to any chemical and fragrance free lotion you prefer and you will be able to relieve your eczema naturally.

Make sure you always start with a natural lotion that is free of dyes, oils, and fragrances. An aloe vera and/or zinc based lotion is the best choice among lotions that are eczema remedies.

All you need to do to use blueberry leaf and licorice extracts with your lotion is to add 2 drops of the former and one or two of the latter to the same amount of lotion you would normally apply. Mix the extracts with the lotion using your finger and apply as usual.

If your eczema is particularly severe, then you can use a little bit more licorice extract to relieve the itching and inflammation.

There are many other remedies for eczema, but this one will greatly help alleviate your suffering, soothe your skin, and help you heal.

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