The Nutritional Power Of Sea Plants

Published on January 10, 2011 in Diet & Nutrition, Vitamins & Supplements


There is an amazingly nutritious bounty in foods from the sea. For hundreds of years, coastal dwellers have gathered plants from the sea waters to eat. Today, science has found that seaweeds are so filled with nutrition that they are practically magical. For those that use them, nori seaweed nutritional supplements are easy ways to have the benefits they provide.

Japanese call this sea plant nori, while the Irish call their version dulse. Both types are literally bursting with EPA, a significant omega 3 fatty acid that is beneficial to supporting cellular function in the body. The plants are eaten as snacks and as important ingredients in foods of both cultures. EPA helps to prevent the inflammation that results when our cells are not working well, or when we become ill. Too much inflammation can lead to conditions such as arthritis or fevers.

Thanks to nutritional advances, the nutrition found in these sea plants is available in liquid, powder, and pill forms. Some people add seaweed nutrition supplements to their daily menus. The recognized ability of the anti-oxidant benefits make these products welcome as part of a daily wellness routine. Anti-oxidants help cells to fight against free radicals.

The high levels of vitamin B12 and iodine found in both seaweed and kelp make them valuable for protecting you from anemia and slow metabolism problems. Your body does not naturally make its own iodine, so you must eat it to get it. If you suffer from thyroid gland problems, such as slow or sluggish thyroid function, you may find that these sea plant foods may help you feel more energy.

Because kelp and other sea plants contain literally all the vitamins and minerals your body uses to function, it is not hard to choose to eat them. They are filled with iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamins A and C, folic acid, calcium, pantothenic acid and sodium. Extremely beneficial, anyone who is interested in better health may consider eating them in supplement forms, particularly when the foods are not easily available locally.

If you are seeking a way to boost your nutritional intake, you should consider eating the supplement products as part of your regular meals. Taken this way, it is easy to add the precious nutritional content to your body. The food preparation is already done for you, with no need to wonder how to use the seaweeds.

Adding nori seaweed nutritional supplements to your daily menu may bring you a much healthier you. In addition to supporting your cell functions for the long run, you may find that you do not become sick as often with common everyday viruses, too. You might start by taking a single sea plant product with each meal. See how you feel. Then, add additional products as your life and needs dictate. Soon, you may find that you are feeling much better than before. It may be that these magical foods will make a surprising difference in your life.