What is Deep Tissue Massage, Anyway?

Published on April 20, 2019 by TheHealthyVillage in Massage Therapy

What is Deep Tissue Massage, Anyway?

deep tissue massage


Many clients ask for a deep tissue massage because they are stiff and sore, and they have painful knots and kinks in their muscles. Deep tissue massage is very popular among athletes and those involved in strenuous physical activity, whether for business or pleasure, and it does indeed have benefits that reach beyond the typical Swedish massage.


Swedish vs Deep Tissue: What’s The Difference?

Swedish Massage

A typical Swedish massage uses long sweeping strokes for the purposes of relaxation, loosening the fascia, reducing blood pressure, and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Although a Swedish massage can use a variety of techniques including deep tissue, the primary objective is to relax the client and provide both mental and physiological benefits. A Swedish session primarily benefits the muscles that are close to the surface and the fascia, which is the web-like substance that covers the musculature. Although knots and adhesions may be worked on during a Swedish session of massage, they’re not the focus of the session.

It’s not uncommon for the client to experience some stiffness on the day following a Swedish session, particularly if it’s the client’s first massage or if it’s been a long time since the last massage. This is normal and shouldn’t last long. Drinking ample amounts of water can help alleviate any discomfort.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage focuses on the tissues that lie deeper within the body. Although some of the same techniques may be used in deep tissue that are used in Swedish, the focus of the session is different. Deep tissue massage tries to eliminate the adhesions, trigger points, and knots that may be deep within the tissues and difficult to reach. Deep tissue is a frequent component of sports massage and, like sports massage, isn’t intended for relaxation but for therapy. Left untreated, the knots and adhesions in the muscles can deteriorate into more serious medical issues, so deep tissue work or a sports massage can prevent further muscle damage.


Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

The benefits of deep tissue massage far outweigh any momentary discomfort caused by the session. When trigger points are left untreated, they can adversely affect many other parts of the body, depending on the location of the trigger point. For example, a trigger point in the popliteus can result in a restricted function of the hip rotators and the piriformis, resulting in morning stiffness and mobility issues. Trigger points in other areas can be extremely painful and can limit muscle function in the affected tissue as well as those muscles that surround it. They can also cause additional trigger points as the body tries to compensate for the damaged area.

Adhesions can occur in any part of the body, and unresolved adhesions can cause physiological difficulties. A deep tissue massage can alleviate both trigger points and adhesions and restore full function to the affected areas.


Pain And Discomfort Of Deep Tissue Massage

The best way to eliminate the pain and discomfort of deep tissue massage is to have regularly scheduled Swedish sessions. Regular massage sessions keep the muscles in good form and free of knots, trigger points, and adhesions that can build up over time. They also help keep the cardiovascular system and the lymphatic system functioning efficiently, so metabolic wastes are eliminated and not allowed to accumulate in the tissues.

Another excellent method for eliminating the pain and discomfort of a deep tissue session is to drink ample quantities of water after the session and for at least two to three days subsequent. Water helps reduce blood pressure, which is good for the heart. It also helps in the elimination of metabolic waste, such as lactic acid, which can cause stiffness in the tissues if it’s not removed.

Those clients who haven’t had a massage in a while and want a deep tissue session may experience some stiffness and soreness following the session. However, a deep tissue session shouldn’t cause pain, there should be no bruising, and any residual discomfort shouldn’t last beyond two to three days.


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How Back Pain Sufferers Find Relief With Chiropractic Care

Published on September 22, 2013 by Frank Carbart in Chiropractic

Back pain sufferers can find relief by visiting their local chiropractor. If your back is giving you discomfort, you will benefit by visiting a chiropractic clinic. These fully trained and qualified professionals have devoted years of their life to the study of the spine and problems associated with it. Because of their considerable knowledge, they are able to help those who are suffering.

Back pain sufferers can find relief by visiting their local chiropractor. If your back is giving you discomfort, you will benefit by visiting a chiropractic clinic. These fully trained and qualified professionals have devoted years of their life to the study of the spine and problems associated with it. Because of their considerable knowledge, they are able to help those who are suffering.

Back pain occurs for many reasons. Even minor car accidents can result in significant discomfort. Sometimes the condition comes on suddenly. For others, it is a chronic condition. Some occupations are especially stressful on the spine and muscles associated with it. Discomfort in the lower back is very common and a very common reason why people visit doctors. Very few people avoid suffering from the condition at some time.

The spinal cord is delicate and complex. When compromised the effects can be far-reaching. Other conditions which can be helped by chiropractic are carpal tunnel syndrome, stiff necks and aching legs. These can all arise from a spine that is out of alignment.

The main aim of a chiropractor is to ease the spine into proper alignment. He will gently and carefully adjust a badly aligned backbone. Once this has been done, the patient will be much more comfortable.

If the spine is not in alignment, the nerves and blood vessels which travel through the spinal cord and out to the extremities may be compromised. Before long a number of problems may arise. By careful adjustment and management, chiropractors are able to realign the backbone, thus allowing the body to heal itself more easily.

Chiropractic is a holistic practice. Various complementary therapies such as acupuncture and massage are used to help bring comfort. You may be asked to have X-rays taken of the affected areas. Hydrotherapy, exercise and diet may be discussed with the client during consultations. To find out more, visit a chiropractor soon.

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The right acupuncturist is whole lot like finding a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Some of us are pickier than others. Some people want to make sure that their new partner is someone who meets every bullet point on their list of the ideal mate. When it comes to choosing the right acupuncturist, some of us also want that acupuncturist to meet each and every bullet point. If you want to find an acupuncturist that makes you happy, follow these simple steps.

The staff at the health care facility should be clean and have good hygiene because acupuncturist’s offices are all about cleanliness and health. You should definitely find an acupuncturist whose office is clean and staff practice proper hygiene and if they don’t then you can leave and find an acupuncturist who values cleanliness. Filing a complaint with your insurance provider and letting your acupuncturist know why you left are good options to deal with this.

Having attended many acupuncturists’ offices, you may have noticed that fast paced offices have high wait times because of the volume of treatment that are going on. Avoid all of this by finding a more private practice site, for there are only few patients that are seen at any given time, and soon you could be one of them.

If you had a favorable experience regarding a health care adeptness, try to find out that if that facility can be used as a reference to find a new acupuncturist. You tries do so because as you like that facility, you would love to choose an acupuncturist based on that recommendation.

There are factors that everyone hold dear whens searching for their next medical care provider. You can have the best acupuncturist in the world, but they can have the worst personality which kills the experience all together. When finding your next acupuncturist, look for the one who is going to connect with you on all levels of the game, and make you comfortable.

Make certain that a prospective acupuncturist obtained his/her degree from a reputable, accredited school. If he/she has a degree from a mass-market, online school, you should keep looking for a new acupuncturist.

Have an awareness of your acupuncturist’s schedule. The time scheduled for your appointment is allotted for you to give them your medical concerns, but do not try to fit in additional issues when you have not been scheduled the appropriate amount of time.

Do not limit your search for a new acupuncturist to those who have graduated from the most elite schools. Completing a residency in a well-known program is more crucial for an acupuncturist, and not the reputation of the school.

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Deep Tissue Massage Benefits An Aching Body

Published on September 21, 2013 by Kyle Barnes in Bodywork, Massage Therapy


There are many factors in which a person suffers from problems regarding with the body and the health. And the medications of it are also many. However, the price that it will need is quite high that might be another burden of ones pocket. To avoid that from happening, perhaps you may consider the brand new and foolproof pain reducer called deep tissue massage.

This type of massage focuses on the exertion of effort to the deepest layer of muscle tissues, fascia, and tendons. Studies show that it is more effective than the traditional pain relievers. More effective to other methods that are applied to heal the aching body of an individual too. At the same manner, the cost is cheaper compare to other treatments provided for pain patients.

Stress is one of the many factors that stop an individual to perform duties or works properly. As that happens, it will affect the performance gravely. That may even lead to the bombardment of too much problems that will lead her to overreacting or over analyzing the simplest form of things. So to make the story short, it is indeed unhealthy to a person.

Luckily, this new method that is discovered by the purely concern people has helped a lot of people to eliminate all the stress that has been taking the lead to an individual. This provides all the pampering and caring. All because they are needed so that a person will be eased from all the stressful events

The most common target of these pains are those that are playing sports. Sure there are people who hate sports, but at the same manner, there are also other people that can not live without playing their favorite game in the field. Since there is too much exertion of effort, most commonly, it will lead to sprains or other injuries.

Other on the other hand just got used to the same position during the entire day. Certainly, this is not a good idea as it has the power to numb all the muscles of a persons body. So this is why cramps are experienced, because of maintaining the same position all the time.

There are also other postural problems that are held responsible to the person having a great weight of burden to the shoulder of an individual. These postures are important so that one will be able to do the task that they need to do. It usually happens to the persons who are already aging.

In all honesty, this was first practiced on the bodies of the injured athletes. They will undergo to this treatment as it was prescribed by their physician. They provide the utmost care that they need for the strong and painstaking game they had in the field.

Now, even on the posture problems, they are also used. Deep tissue massage has a lot more benefits than one could ever imagine. When in need of this treatment, you need to look for the clinics that provide the service.

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Applications of Myofascial Release Therapy

Published on September 2, 2013 by Amanda Baird in Bodywork, Massage Therapy


Massage features as part of the broad discipline of medicine. This kind of treatment uses different techniques aiming to loosen soft tissues within the body. The therapeutic modality targets soft tissues because they are usually the places where stress affects the most. Folks who lead very stressful and busy lives commonly get joint pains, or occasionally in the overworked large areas, for example, back musculature, the neck and lower limbs. This marks the entry point for myofascial release therapy.

As time proceeds, these places keep accumulating stress. It keeps going up to the point whereby someone commences feeling as though they picked up a sports-type injury, although in reality the person may be quite inactive. In such circumstances, myofascial release therapy helps a lot. It does so through physical stimulation of the soft tissues facilitating their relaxation. This is one of the quick fix ways of solving this kind of problem.

This treatment is another form of massage therapy. However, it is different from the deep tissue one in two ways. The first difference is that it targets body fascia. Fascia is also a body soft tissue. As connective tissue they join different tissues.

The reason why this therapy targets fascia is because these soft tissue have close interaction with the affected muscles. As wear and tenderness develops mainly due to stress, the muscles also become more tensed. The resultant tension is responsible for uncoordinated muscle contraction and discomfort. The whole process culminates in connective tissues adjacent to the muscles becoming inflamed. Applying pressure on these soft tissues opens up blood flow. This results in nourishment of inflamed areas brings about relief. Final result is muscle relaxation. The overall outcome is folks beginning to feel much better.

This method occasionally yields better outcomes than direct muscle massaging. This results sometimes because muscles react in the opposing direction to massage. As a means of resisting pressure applied on them, they become tenser. When this happens, therapy becomes counterproductive, and such folks can be given advice to check out myofascial release treatment.

The second difference is that traditional massage involves the use of different pressures, and positions. These are normally designed to stretch out the muscle tissue in order to make it relax. Myofascial therapy on the other hand pinpoints the area in the muscle that has the greatest stress, and uses a relatively hard pressure on it.

The pressure is usually firmly maintained even when the client begins to feel some discomfort. Occasionally, this results in temporary development of tension after treatment. There are small side effects of treatment, and as such should not discourage one from going for treatment. Once these adverse effects are gone one usually is left feeling great.

Myofascial release massage therapy has numerous advantages your body can benefit from. This massage therapy is recommended for those who have physically and psychologically demanding jobs. Finding time for to release stress or relax is usually difficult for these people. This therapy features among the ways of maintain good health via eradication of stress.

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How To Harness The Benefits Of Acupuncture

Published on August 9, 2013 by Nita McKinney in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine


This ancient form of healing uses a variety of techniques to stimulate areas on the human body. The techniques use needles to gently prick and pierce the skin. A skilled acupuncturist will operate from a well-maintained medical center, and will use needles and other sorts of equipment that can be thrown away. A professional will be able to help you to take advantage of the many benefits of acupuncture.

China had practiced the style and methods of healing 2000 years ago. The first record in ancient Chinese was done by Huang Di Nei Jing. In the 6th century, several Chinese medicines and different therapy procedures were made known to Japan and that acupuncture was one of them. When Buddhism was popularized, the practice was made to be a part of their religious medicines.

This unique form of healing even became painless, thanks to a sightless acupuncturist in Japan, by the name of Waichi Sugiyama, in the seventeenth century. Acupuncturists treat patients for various problems associated with their health, such as arthritis, nausea and tiredness, as well as digestive difficulties. The practice is today an important part of health care in Japan.

Some Asian countries had used this form of healing thousands of years ago. Acupuncture deals with acupoints or the specific points in the body that are moved by the techniques through the insertion of thin needles. It generally takes out the blockage in the veins and therefore restores good health.

Someone who is interested in finding an acupuncturist will need to be careful in their selection. Only a trustworthy doctor should be chosen; one that is licensed. He or she should understand the practice and the human body completely.

When instruments that are used for practice such as hair-thin metallic needles are sterilized prior to the procedure and disposed of properly, it would result in a beneficial outcome. Infection prevention by paying attention to cleanliness is one of the major aspects that a practitioner with ethics should adhere to. Therefore, a safety driven therapy can be ensured by the acupuncturist.

An acupuncturist may intentionally cause slight bleeding when treating certain ailments. Bleeding that has been caused on purpose is not detrimental to one’s health in any way, and does not cause side effects. In most cases, however, no bleeding will occur from the practice.

Acupuncturist provide the patient a lecture so he or she would know what to expect. In some visits, the patient becomes fully treated resulting to cure of ailments. After the punctures, medicines you may be taking before the session will be more active and thus improve health factors.

A skilled and professional acupuncturist will be able to ensure that his patient enjoys the benefits of acupuncture to the fullest extent. It is most important to select a recommended doctor so that there is no risk of infection or other complications after the procedure. Particular attention must be paid to the equipment the acupuncturist uses, as these items must be sterile and suitable for the task. By selecting a careful practitioner, the healing of various sorts of ailments can begin.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of acupuncture in Ohio, click the link to Ohio Wholistic Acupuncture clinic. For free consultation info, come to http://ohiowholisticacupuncture.com today.

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Medical Massage 101: Effective Manual Therapy

Published on July 29, 2013 by TheHealthyVillage in Bodywork, Massage Therapy


Medical massage is the term used to describe an outcome-based massage. Generally, this is done as a specific treatment target to specific problems that a patient has. These are often given after a thorough evaluation has been done by a trained therapist with the outcome of an assessment being used as the basis for treatment.

Medical massage is a centuries-old practice. In Russia, this has been a popular procedure since the 1700s. Nineteenth-century Europe saw this procedure included in medical books and institutions. It was also made available to people via lay practitioners. Until the recent years, it was called treatment massage or even massage therapy. Nowadays, the term medical massage is being applied.

This terminology has grown in its popularity mostly because of its ability to introduce this type of physical therapy into mainstream society, presenting it in a positive way. More therapists are taking the steps to learn more by furthering their education. These professionals are allowed to bill for these services so long as they have been licensed to work in this field and can show improvement in the condition of their patient.

The practice itself was formed out of the need of the public for hands-on, highly skilled therapists who could treat injuries, as well as chronic pain. The increased in information related to injury rehabilitation, courtesy of groundbreaking work done by Dr Janet G Travell. And, the benefit that patients receive through having this procedure done.

Numerous conditions can be effectively addressed through this practice. People who have carpal tunnel syndrome, piriformis syndrome, sciatica, rotator cuff injuries and fibromyalgia can benefit from this procedure. It is also known to help those who have pain associated with pregnancy, neck or back, injured or bulged disks, restricted fascia, and postural imbalances.

Therapists might also perform this procedure on those who have swelling, trauma injuries, TMJ, headaches, thoracic outlet syndrome, plantar fasciitis, constipation, migraines, and sports, work or auto injuries. It is important to note that the result of this treatment will be different for every individual. Some people may receive better results than others. One or many treatments may be needed before any results are observed. Overall, prices and results will differ.

A standard therapist may make the claim of being one who specializes in massage for medical purposes. Therefore, customers should take the time to look over the training and experience of the therapist offering the services. This is important to ensure that he or she is properly qualified to treat certain conditions.

Medical massage is given to many different people for a variety of purposes. This has been used as treatment for different ailments for many years, all around the world. Nowadays, it has gained more popularity and is applied to treat a variety of injuries, disorders and conditions. The results of these procedures will vary, as will the price of such services. Individuals should check to make sure their therapist is properly licensed and qualified to give this type of treatment.

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The Roots of Acupuncture

Published on March 5, 2011 by Roger Gallo in Acupuncture

The recorded history of China clearly shows how acupuncture was formulated there several thousand years ago. This medical technique was not witnessed in other countries until perhaps several hundred years ago. Yet, this ancient Chinese process began to be broadly accepted in Western countries in the course of the second half of the twentieth century.

The recorded history of China clearly shows how acupuncture was formulated there several thousand years ago. This medical technique was not witnessed in other countries until perhaps several hundred years ago. Yet, this ancient Chinese process began to be broadly accepted in Western countries in the course of the second half of the twentieth century. Along with this acceptance, the medical and professional group has been engaged in research on many aspects of acupuncture. In the US, it is typical to see certified acupuncture practitioners, as well as qualified Chinese doctors of traditional Chinese medicine providing their services.

Acupuncture incorporates inserting thin, specialized needles just slightly into the skin at extremely specific spots. According to Chinese medical theory, there are very many uses and disease situations that can be successfully treated using acupuncture. On the other hand, we wish to say that you should make a scheduled appointment with your primary medical professional before using this technique. Obviously it is your judgement, but you never know what may be a concern which is precisely why you should see your own doctor.

However along with all the other information and understanding, where the needles are required are all in accordance with the key theory. Yet, the acupuncture points exist in special regions of the body called meridian lines. These lines are located all over the body, and there are hundreds of acupuncture points. The official explanation of meridians is they are the channels through which our life force flows. So depending on the disorder, that is exactly where the trained person will put the needles.

According to acupuncture texts, it is the blockage, or increased resistance, of energy at a location that results in particular medical problems. The activity of the acupuncture needles is to clean the obstacle to energy flow and regain health and well being. Pain caused by other conditions can be reduced using the same basis. That is why very many people undergo acupuncture, and it’s for alleviation of pain from other issues. If a person can feel pain relief this way, then there’s no need for taking pain relievers given by physicians.

All of the various conditions and situations for which acupuncture may be helpful, or effective, have not been thoroughly studied. Acupuncture can be effective for managing stress and the types of headaches that can end up from it. Migraines are a typical problem that people apply acupuncture for, and they state that effective treatment can occur. Additional benefits consist of being a safe option, but it is very important you consult your doctor and seek a skilled and licensed acupuncture therapist. Apparently there may be some side effects with some kinds of problems, but the best path to take is ask a professional acupuncture therapist. An added reason some people make use of this method is in special situations when other methods of alleviating pain are not effective.

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Holistic Self-Healing With Reiki

Published on February 2, 2011 by SuzanneOB in Bodywork, Reiki

Looking for a more natural, holistic way of healing? Want to take control over your own well-being in a more natural way? Did you know that Reiki is just one such way and easy  to learn?

Many people are turning to more natural and holistic ways of dealing with illness and pain. With conventional ways of treatment being not only expensive, but also often having many side effects, alternative treatments are becoming more attractive to patients. People are finding they can take control over their own well-being by using more natural and holistic ways of self healing.

One such alternative or complementary treatment is Reiki. It has gained quite a bit of popularity over the past few decades. It is being offered in most hospitals and hospices nowadays.

If you are like a lot of people, you have heard of Reiki, but do not know exactly what it is. Besides this, many people are unaware of how Reiki can help them and their overall well-being.

Well Reiki is a Japanese form of self-healing and self-development. It is often called energy healing, Spiritual healing or laying on of hands. It is ancient, but said to have been re-discovered in the early 1900’s by a man by the name of Mikao Usui while on a 21-day spiritual retreat in Japan. In Japan, it was originally referred to as, the Reiki cure.

Here in the Westernized World it is commonly referred to as a way of relaxing and de-stressing, therefore allowing one’s own immune system to more optimally do its job.

So just what can one expect from Reiki? Well these are just some of the things it is known for;

  • helping to reduce pain
  • helping to reduce stress
  • boosting and strengthening the immune system
  • increasing energy
  • correcting of insomnia, allowing for sleep
  • increasing your intuition
  • increasing confidence
  • causing deep relaxation and peace
  • helps with letting go of fears
  • helps with releasing unwanted habits
  • aids in the process of detox, reducing side-effects
  • promoting a more positive outlook
  • Reiki is complementary to all other forms of healing, so you can combine it with conventional treatments
  • Reiki has been shown to reduce or even eliminate the side effects of pharmaceuticals
  • in some miraculous healings have even been reported from all types of disease

Reiki is a very easy to learn technique that anyone can learn. One can opt for learning to do it for themselves or by utilizing the services of a Reiki Master. There are three levels of Reiki, Master level being the highest. At this level sending the healing energy over great distances or even to healing past traumas is possible.

With Reiki, you are allowing the flow of Divine energy to work with and through you. Reiki can only help and aid in the healing process. While practicing Reiki there is an ideal to always be kept in mind,-wish harm to none.

All in all this type of energy healing dates as far back as ancient Egypt. It’s funny how people think of it as “new age” when the reality is that “conventional” or “Westernized” medicine is the real “new age”.

So if you are seeking a natural, holistic form of healing, Reiki is a tool that can easily be added to any healing protocol. Reiki is complementary to all other forms of more conventional healing.

For more info on Reiki self healing and to find out how you can easily learn this empowering technique just click here to Learn Reiki. Suzanne OBrien is a Reiki Master, certified Medical Intuitive, certified Reconnective Healer tm,Distant Energy Healer trained in many various healing techniques. She continues to learn all she can about natural and energy healing techniques while teaching and offering services to both pets and people.

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Red Clover: Learn About This Health-Boosting Herb

Published on January 15, 2011 by Dr. Mark Rosenberg in Herbal Medicine

When I explain alternative treatment options to my patients often I get asked this one question "Is there an herb I can take for that, Dr. Rosenberg?" Today, more and more people understand that modern medicine may be complemented by natural and alternative treatments. When it comes to herbs, some are good for targeting a specific problem, while others offer a host of health benefits. Today, I will discuss one that falls in the latter category-red clover.

When I explain alternative treatment options to my patients often I get asked this one question “Is there an herb I can take for that, Dr. Rosenberg?” Today, more and more people understand that modern medicine may be complemented by natural and alternative treatments. When it comes to herbs, some are good for targeting a specific problem, while others offer a host of health benefits. Today, I will discuss one that falls in the latter category-red clover.

What Is Red Clover?

Native to Europe and Asia, red clover is also cultivated in North America. It is grown in meadows for the purpose of grazing animals. The sweet nectar in the plant’s tiny red flowers may be collected by bees, eventually to become clover honey. If organically grown, the flowers are edible and are frequently used in iced tea and salads.

The red clover plant has a wide array of vitamins and minerals. Some of these nutrients include calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C. The substances that have recently put red clover in the spotlight, however, are isoflavones. These natural plant substances act as powerful antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants fight inflammation, which is believed to be responsible for many chronic diseases. The isoflavones in red clover have an effect similar to estrogen because of their ability to attach to estrogen receptors in cells.

How Red Clover Benefits Your Health

Traditionally, red clover has been used as a diuretic, an expectorant for clearing mucous from the lungs, and a treatment for infection. It has also been used as a cancer treatment, particularly for prostate and liver cancers, because of its ability to stimulate the immune system. It also contains a substance called coumarin, which is known to act as a blood thinner. This blood thinning effect may decrease the risk of clots and improve blood flow.

Some studies suggest that the isoflavones in red clover may disrupt bone loss in pre- and postmenopausal women. It has also been used to treat infertility and chronic miscarriages, which are both associated with low estrogen. It may fight heart disease by raising levels of good HDL cholesterol in the blood. Other conditions that may benefit from the isoflavones in red clover are psoriasis, kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disorder, liver problems and a weakened immune system. It has been noted that people at risk for breast cancer or other diseases caused by excess estrogen should not take red clover.

Red Clover and MSG

A new study has shown that red clover may prevent the damaging of effects of the food additive, monosodium glutamate, or MSG. In the June issue of the journal, Phytomedicine, it was reported that neurons treated with red clover isoflavones were not affected by glutamate exposure, which normally results in cell damage.

MSG is not simply a salt or seasoning, but a substance that directly affects the brain. It is often added to processed food, such as soups, prepared meals, gravies, sauces, and fast food. MSG sends messages to the brain that release dopamine, a chemical that makes you feel good and creates the perception of flavor. That is why it is often used to make lower quality foods taste better. This activity in the brain can cause cell damage. Taking red clover before eating fast food may prevent this effect.

As you can see, there are many ways to benefit from red clover. This herb is available in dried form, which is perfect for tea. You can also get it in tincture or capsule form. If using capsules, the recommended dosage is 40 to 160 mg per day. Because of red clover’s potent estrogenic and blood thinning properties, it is essential to talk to your doctor before using this herb. If it is right for you, your doctor can help devise a complementary treatment plan.

Looking to find more information on isoflavones, then visit www.healthyanswers.com to find the best advice on isoflavonesand what they can do for you.

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Essential Oils For Home And Health

Published on January 10, 2011 by Jessica Carlson in Aromatherapy

There are many plant products used to extract essential oils. Leaves, stems, flowers, barks, and roots are used to distill the oils by water or steam. How essential oils are used everyday can be seen from the variety of ways they promote mental and physical health.

There are many plant products used to extract essential oils. Leaves, stems, flowers, barks, and roots are used to distill the oils by water or steam. How essential oils are used everyday can be seen from the variety of ways they promote mental and physical health.

Easy inhalation allows the infusion to enter your lungs and then pass on to your bloodstream. This process is accomplished by putting two to three drops of the oil onto a tissue and then carefully breathing the vapor in through your nose.

If you need more power than the easy inhalation method, add three to seven drops to freshly boiled water and carefully breathe in. This will activate more chemicals and increase your absorption of them. The oils may also be used to cleanse a room inside your house. Boil some water and add no more than seven drops. As the water cools, the essence of the oils will vaporize and slowly permeate the room. This will slowly, and not too strongly, spread to the other rooms of your house.

It is possible to use them to cleanse your entire house. Achieve this by wetting a tissue with a few drops, balling it up, and leaving it in drawers and cabinets. Also, you can add drops to your trash can, vacuum cleaner, laundry basket, and drain.

They can also be used to prevent pests and bugs from entering your house. Apply some drops to balled up tissues and distribute them throughout your living space. Pay particular attention to spaces where these nuisances typically enter and travel, outside doors, corners, window sills, and along the walls in particular. If you see bugs anywhere, it is a safe bet to place tissues there.

Another key area for the use of these essences is in massages. Simply combine about 20 drops in 1 ounce of a carrier, combine thoroughly, and then apply or have them applied through massage.

They can also be used to add a pleasing beneficial fragrance to your bath water. By stirring 5 to 7 drops into 1 ounce of a carrier oil, and then pouring this compound into your bath water as you fill the tub, it is possible to magnify the relaxing powers of a bath and increase its therapeutic properties. You will derive a slew of perks from bathing in a mixture of nature plant essences.

Essential oils are frequently mixed with a carrier oil. Most commonly these carriers are sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, and grape-seed oil. After diluting the essential oil in the carrier it can then be applied to the skin in a topical treatment because when they are applied to the skin they can have an antibiotic or antiseptic effect. They have been shown to prevent infection and maintain or help tissue regeneration when applied to scrapes or cuts.

These oil offer a wondrous host of benefits to anyone who chooses to use them. Just remember that many of these oils have not been widely studied or tested, so never ingest or drink these oils without first consulting a doctor. As with all natural products they provide unique results that can be tailored to your specific needs.

The author has made available much information about aromatherapy, such as using ginger oil and other therapeutic essential oils.

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Eye Opening Information for Menopausal Woman

Published on March 19, 2008 by susunweed in Herbal Medicine, Womens Health

  • Don’t take calcium supplements. Calcium makes bones more massive, but more brittle. A stout dry branch breaks easily, while a green one, no matter how thin, won’t break at all. Food sources of bone-building minerals (such as yogurt, nettle infusion, dandelion vinegar, and cooked kale) include “flexibility” minerals such as magnesium, boron, and zinc and are a superior way to prevent bone breaks later in life.
  • Gain some weight. Women who gain 10-15 pounds during their menopausal years have fewer hot flashes, stronger bones, and healthier hearts. (And most of them lose the extra weight in the following decade.)
  • Try herbal hormones. Many common herbs and foods contain substances that can be used like estrogens by the body. This is much safer than taking estrogen supplements, which are known to promote uterine and breast cancers.
  • Be outrageous. The emotional extremes – rage, depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts – that give menopausal women the label “hysterical”, actually serve important functions in helping women come to terms with aging, death and profound personal growth.

Bursting with tidbits of detailed information such as these, and rich with the forgotten wisdom of ancient times, NEW Menopausal Years The Wise Woman Way is the perfect guide for menopausal women of today.

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Vibrant, passionate, and involved, Susun Weed has garnered an international reputation for her groundbreaking lectures, teachings, and writings on health and nutrition. She challenges conventional medical approaches with humor, insight, and her vast encyclopedic knowledge of herbal medicine. Unabashedly pro-woman, her animated and enthusiastic lectures are engaging and often profoundly provocative.

Susun is one of America’s best-known authorities on herbal medicine and natural approaches to women’s health. Her four best-selling books are recommended by expert herbalists and well-known physicians and are used and cherished by millions of women around the world.

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Set the Atmosphere for the New Year

Published on December 6, 2007 by mcamblin in Aromatherapy


AromatherapyAromatherapy and Feng Shui Tips

The beginning of a new year is a great time to remove the clutter and set intentions. There are many items that are used as Feng Shui ‘cures’, things to help you achieve your Feng Shui goals. Some of the most powerful items are those using aromas to activate and motivate changes. You can smell, see, and feel them work. Essential Oils are excellent aromatherapy items and work well as Feng Shui tools.

Once you have cleared the clutter you can clear out any and all negative energy in your environment and keep it away with by diffusing lemon oil. Adding ritual when you set your intention adds power.

There are a variety of oils specially formulated to help you work on your specific Feng Shui goals. Once you have cleared out the negative, bring in the positive. Try the following blends: Magnify Your Purpose, Motivation, Transformation, Inspiration, Hope, Live with Passion, Chivalry, En-R-Gee, Harmony, Joy and Peace and Calming – so choose your focus your attention and get a diffuser and set the atmosphere on a daily basis in your home by using these fragrances.

Abundance oil was created to help you focus on your specific Feng Shui or life goals. Diffuse Abundance in your home and you will not only have a wonderful smell, you will be actively changing your Feng Shui energy and therefore improving your life instantly. Breathe in the aroma as it revives the Feng Shui energy in your home as well as in your body and mind. Smell the wonderful scent and quickly notice the improving Feng Shui energy in your home and your life. Another feng shui idea is to put Abundance oil in fresh paint and then paint with the appropriate color of the Bagua.

Attract wealth to you and your family by setting intention and goals and then diffusing Abundance oil. It was created with the intention of increasing money. Remember to use and wear a lot of green, a color often associated with money and wealth. So have some fun when you set your new years resolutions and add some ceremony and use oils to reaffirm your intentions. Enjoy!

For more information call 303-755-2669 or visit http://www.geocities.com/rdtibet

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Massage During Pregnancy

Published on December 4, 2007 by TheHealthyVillage in Bodywork, Family, Womens Health


Massage During PregnancyHey Congratulations you’ve found out your having a baby –What Now!

You’ve heard all the things your friends and family have told about what to expect, Morning sickness, weight gain, pain, swelling Back aches, tiredness need I continue!

But hey there is a plus side to this- the miraculous body transformations altering every system in your body- and with that does come different aches /pains,
SO if you haven’t had a massage before now is a PERFECT time to start! Not only will you benefit from a massage but your little growing life inside you will also.

Bodywork (massage) will ease your pregnant body as it transides through each changing trimester, Improving maternal and infant health in a myriad of ways.

–Eases muscular aches/discomforts
–reduces stress
–Aids in digestion
–enhances blood and lymph circulation
–promotes body and mind awareness
Pregnancy massage will also prepare mother for labour/birth.
Support lactation and can assist in any postpartum depression.

In the first trimester the client is able to lye on her stomach
(obviously if nipple pain is to server) on her side or back.
Deep Pressure points are to be avoided in first trimester,
Long relaxing strokes are great.

In the second trimester the lady may not be able to lay on her stomach so side laying or a pregnancy table is preferred.
From week 13 onwards a small pillow should be placed under her right hip this tilts the pelvis to the left and shifts the uterus off the inferior vena carva (a vein) and facilitating the return of blood to the heart.

After the sixth month of pregnancy the unborn can sense massage of the abdomen and responses to the touch, pregnant women can do their own bellies daily not only when her belly begins to grow but as so as she finds out she is pregnant, moisturizing cream as this is soothing and bonding (great to help with stretch marks) she may even notice her unborn responding to her touch.

The latter stages of pregnancy massage can assist in swollen legs feet, assist lumbar pain /discomfort and help prepare the body for labour and childbirth, plus general feeling of relaxation.

Once the women begins labour, massage can be helpful, the father to be ,can assist in this , circular motions on her lower back can help labour pains, whether she is laying on her side or sitting in chair or bath/shower. This will aid in comfort and reassurance and help him to feel useful.

Massage during labour can assist in reducing anxiety and stress which can stall labour and help replace it with endorphins which will facilitate a healthy labour.

Tracy, the owner of Knots Corner is a qualified Massage Therapist, who is visited by a great number of clients with a wide range of reasons for a massage, from relaxation to muscular repair, headache relief to everyday stresses. Massage Brisbane

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The Three Traditions of Healing

Published on October 29, 2007 by susunweed in Herbal Medicine


There is more than one choice between modern Western medicine and alternatives. There are three traditions of healing.

The Wise Woman tradition, focusing on integration and nourishment, and insisting on attention to uniqueness and holographic interconnectedness, is another choice: a new way that is also the most ancient healing way known. A way that follows a spiral path, a give-away dance of nourishment, change and self-love. “Trust yourself.”

Alternative health care practitioners usually think in the Heroic tradition: the way of the savior, a circular path of rules, punishment, and purification. “Trust me.”

AMA-approved, legal, covered-by-insurance health care practitioners are trained to think in the Scientific tradition: walking the knife edge of keen intellect, the straight line of analytical thought, measuring and repeating. Excellent for fixing broken things. “Trust my machine.”

The Scientific, Heroic, and Wise Woman traditions are ways of thinking, not ways of acting. Any practice, any technique, any substance can be used by a practitioner/helper in any of the three traditions. There are, for instance, herbalists, and midwives, and MDs in each tradition.

The practitioner and the practice are different. The same techniques, the same herbs are seen and used differently by a person thinking in Scientific, Heroic, or Wise Woman ways.

Thinking these ways does lead to a preference for certain cures. The Wise Woman helper frequently nourishes with herbs and words. The Heroic savior lays down the law to clean up your act fast. The Scientific technician is most at ease with laboratory tests and repeatable, predictable, reliable drugs. But still, the practices do not conclusively identify the practitioner as being in a particular tradition.

The intent, the thought behind the technique points to the tradition: scientific fixing, heroic elimination, or wise womanly digestion and integration.

You contain some aspects of each tradition. And the three traditions are not limited to the realm of healing. The Scientific, Heroic, and Wise Woman ways of thinking are found in politics, legal systems, religions, psychologies, teaching styles, economics. As the Wise Woman way becomes more clearly identified, it opens the way to an integrated, whole, sacred, peaceful global village, interactive with Gaia, mother, earth. As each discipline spins anew its wise woman thread, we reweave the web of interconnectedness with all beings.


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